2015 Tour of Toowoomba Cyclo-cross Exhibition

DATE: Sunday 24th May 2015

Justin Eastwell             RACE DIRECTOR         0408 458 014


Cyclocross is a very specific type of bike racing. For the most part, the course is off-road but there are sometimes portions of pavement included in the course. You can expect to encounter grass, dirt, mud, gravel, sand, and a whole slew of other assortments and combinations. The races are based on a set time (measured by numbers of laps), not distance. Depending on your category, a race can be as quick as 30 minutes (for beginners), or as long as 60 minutes (for pros).

Courses typically, but not always include barriers, as well as other ‘features’ that will necessitate hoping both off, and back onto, your bike. Officially, these barriers are considered obstacles that are no more than 40cm tall, and 4-6m apart. With very few exceptions, barriers are small enough for everyone to safely run through. Those brave (and skilled) enough can hop their bikes right over.

Often there are hills, sand pits and muddy sections that are too difficult or slow to ride, and thus a racer will shoulder their bike and run with it.

Technically, cyclocross is a form of bike racing, but more often it is a lifestyle that involves grabbing any bike you own, and navigating any type of terrain or obstacle, in the fastest and most efficient way possible. It’s also an adventuresome style of riding, with a versatile bike that allows you to explore any gravel or dirt road, park or trail that you stumble upon.

Most of all, it’s FUN!!


09:30 am Registration Open
9:45 am Course Open – Warm ups Closed 5 min before first race.
10:15 am Sport/Newcomers 30 min
10:55 am Kids Come-n-Try (Under 13) 15 min (Restricted course)
11:15 am Junior Presentations
11:15 am A & B Grade Warm up 15 min
11:30 am A & B Grade Start A – 40 min B – 30 min
12:15 pm Presentations



Registrations will be taken on the day. Cycling Australia and MTB Australia license holders will need to present their licenses on the day.

Non Licensed holders will need to complete a Day License application on the day or sign up for a free two month license through MTBA.

Kids Come-n-Try nominations will be taken on the day.

License fees for non-licensed partipants will be covered under C.A. or C.Q. Novicover or equivalent.


A/B GRADE                    $25

Sport/Newcomers          $15

Kids Under 13                  Nil