28/04/2013 Goombungie Road Race

A fantastic day for the event weather wise. Low numbers was compensated with by strong
competitive spirit– good to see some of the guys from Dalby.

A Grade
1st Aaron Haycock TCC
2nd Malcolm Krahenbring Bikeline Racing
3rd Wesley Keep TCC
Aaron had a lead of between 1-2 minutes by the first lap and held onto and improved upon this lead to take out A Grade.

B Grade
1st Matthew Locker TCC
2nd Pedr Harvey Narrabri
3rd Adam Grams TCC
Another strong performance by Matthew.

C Grade
1st Peter Banaszek Highfields.
Low numbers of C Grade resulted in C Grade entrants being split up, and Peter was
placed in the B Grade group and Lou to D grade. A commendable effort.

D Grade
1st Daniel Cherry Highfields
2nd Lou Gordon Bikeline Racing
3rd Andrea Gormley Bikeline Racing
A close finish with all of these three place getters fighting it out on the home straight!

Thanks to all the volunteers for helping out today.
(Report curtesy of Highfield Rollers)

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