Club Rides

These are the common training and club rides throughout the year, but may change at any time. Contact us in advance to be sure!

Darling Downs Cycling Club encourages safe riding practices in all training and club rides. This includes following a standard approach for communicating with other riders in a bunch in order to identify any hazards and ensure predictable actions. We recommend the Bunch Riding Rules document from the Brisbane Cycling Club (many thanks for their permission to use this document) for ride participants and leaders as well as anyone planning a group ride.

Tuesday Red Hill loop

  • Starts 5:05am
  • 50km distance
  • Fast ride (30kph+ average)

Meet at the North Toowoomba 7-Eleven near Bridge Street.

Regroup points are at top of Mt Kynoch before the lights, top of Meringandan West hill prior to descending, top of Red Hill, and Dwyer St (just before Griffiths Street). Depending on numbers there might be two groups, a quicker-paced group goes via Borneo Barracks (refer first map) and the gentler-paced group take the turn at Highfields Road (refer second map).Borneo Red Hill

Friday Fiasco Loop

  • Starts 5:05am
  • Meet at the North Toowoomba 7-Eleven near Bridge Street.
  • 37km distance
  • If you are dropped then stronger cyclists will wait at Wellcamp Road
  • Coffee at the end (Copper Bench Cafe on Ruthven St)

Saturday Highfields Loop

  • Starts 5:05am
  • 40km distance
  • Usually a fast pace, some participants ride early to top of Mt Kynoch and jump on the bunch there

Starts at the North Toowoomba 7-11 near Bridge Street, back in time for the start of the shop ride.


Sunday Track Training

  • Held at Griffith Street velodrome, usually commences at 3:00pm but is subject to variation depending on weather and time of year.
  • Check with the Toowoomba Track Ratz facebook page to gather up to date information.