Q&A with Sam Webb about his visit to the US to ride with Team Novo Nordisk

  1. Can you tell me how you came upon the Talent Identification camp?

I know Chris Williams who rides with the pro Team Novo Nordisk team as we listened to him speak in Brisbane and he suggested that I should apply for the camp as it would be a great experience. We also follow the team on Facebook and it was advertised there as well.

2. How did you prepare yourself leading up to leaving Australia for the US to attend the camp?

I approached Peter York for some assistance as I had been off the bike for while. He built me up slowly until I was riding at an acceptable level. I had to do a lot of the work by myself but that helped me develop some mental toughness which I was going to need. I only had about 4 months to get ready so  I needed to work and push hard. Yorky was a great help and mentor.

3. What was your first impressions of the camp, what was your schedule like?

It was great to be around young people living with diabetes, they understandd what daily routines are like and there was no need to explain anything. The schedule also looked pretty packed which was exciting. The university where we stayed looked great although the rooms were pretty basic and we shared rooms, I was paired with Damian from Switzerland and luckily he spoke English better than I spoke Swiss!

4. What are some of the major “take-homes” you left the camp with?

I can do anything – most of what I got from camp was about management of my diabetes. To be surrounded by professionals who understand and live with diabetes everyday was amazing. I know now that I can do whatever I want. I also have self belief in my ability as a cyclist, I didn’t really have that before I left and I didn’t really understand what was needed to ride at a higher level. I have a better idea now. I also have come away with greater motivation to ride and to ride well and FAST!!

5. Where do you see yourself in cycling in 2 years time?

My greatest dream would be to be riding as part of Team Novo Nordisk development or Junior squads. This would require me to live in Atlanta but I could think of nothing I would rather be doing.  I know I have a lot of work to do, but I am willing to give it everything I have to see if I can make it. I plan to go back next year but this time I hope I can really impress them……..

Well done Sam for taking a step outside your comfort zone and is certainly a feather in your cap. For more on Team Novo Nordisk visit their website: http://www.teamnovonordisk.com/