QLD Criterium Championships – Colliers Racing

Race report compiled by Richard Macavoy:

Last Saturday Trent West and I headed down to Nundah for the Queensland Criterium Championships to compete in the Masters 2 division. Wearing our new Colliers Racing team kit we were both excited and ready to race hard.

A massive thank to our sponsors Colliers International, eComputing, McWilliam Sander Accountants, Clive Berghofer Developments, and Time Line Drafting. Their financial support is hugely appreciated.

Having hardly touched my bike all week due to illness I wasn’t expecting too much from myself. Our team tactics were simple, do nothing and stay hidden in the peloton for the first half of the race. After that Trent would attempt to go with a break or form one himself, and I would then chase down any group he wasn’t in.

A large crash occurred during the preceeding Elite Men’s race which required two ambulances, which was a timely reminder to be very careful where you position your front wheel. A group of 40 odd riders rolled out in the Masters 1 and 2 field and from the outset the pace was hot. Roughly 20 minutes into the race Trent began working hard to get a break going but the main bunch was having none of it. After 10 minutes of trying Trent came back to me and commented that the peloton won’t let anything go.

Just to prove him wrong around the 40min mark two riders formed a dangerous gap up the road. Having done very little riding up to this point I decided to close the gap. So with Trent on my wheel I moved to the front and applied the throttle. After a solid 30 second burst, which closed half the gap to the break, I glanced back to find Trent still firmly on my rear wheel and the peloton in the distance. At this point we passed the finish line with a Commissaire holding the 3 laps to go board. So perfectly timed, almost like we had planned it.

We worked well together to reach the break and once there I moved to the front and punched the pedals as hard as I could down the back straight. As the four of us crossed the finish line with two laps to go I knew I had one match left to burn. Again I hammered it down the back straight and then shifted over to let the three remaining escapees to fight it out with well under 2 laps to go.

As the peloton swept past I latched onto the back and eagerly watched Trent launch his sprint to the line to capture a silver medal, with the main bunch seconds behind.

The legend that is Trent West continues, the legend that is Colliers Racing begins!