Results of Combined Clubs ITT – Kingsthorpe

The weather was looking rather gloomy when I left Toowoomba city but was quietly confident the conditions would improve out at Kingsthorpe. Indeed the weather was much brighter with only a little moisture on the road. Riders slowly arrived and registered, milling around chatting about the pain they were about to inflict on their legs.

Unlike a road race or criterium it is difficult to relay the actual racing unless actually involved. Needless to say there were some pained faces crossing the finish line, one by one. Young gun Tom Gough (TCC) excelled in A Grade, with Bikeline Racing stalwart Trent West and rising star Daniel Luke filling the podium places. The rest of the grades were light on for numbers but the performances were strong with BLR’s own Wayne Cooling, Sam Webb and Laura Brazier taking top spots in the remaining grades.

Well done to all of you who pinned a number on. A big thanks goes to Jon Lindley, Paul Adcock (HRCC), Peter Dobson, Peter MouattĀ and Duane Parkinson. We look forward to a large contingent of local riders lining up at next Saturday’s Mt Darry Marathon, held by Highfields Rollers CC at Goombungee. See the flyer on the event page on our website for more details. If you can assist as a convoy drivers your help is needed.

Place Grade Rider Time
1 A Tom Gough 23:09
2 A Trent West 23:43
3 A Daniel Luke 24:30
4 A Pedr Harvey 25:05
5 A Rob Walker 25:08
6 A Dean Russell 25:35
7 A Michael Illing 25:43
8 A Richard MacAvoy 25:45
8 A Mitch Hawley 25:45
1 B Wayne Cooling 25:53
2 B Joel Dobson 27:36
1 C Sam Webb 30:09
2 C Chris Smith 30:43
1 D Laura Brazier 31:27
2 D Penny Ivory 32:53