Results of the Combined Clubs Criterium – Saturday 24th October


A Grade (45min +2 laps)

1 Tom Gough

2 Trent West

3 Daniel Luke

B Grade (40min +2 laps)

1 Ryan Kennedy

2 Tom Galbraith

3 Matthew Sander

C/D Grade (35min +2 laps)

1 Sam Webb

2 Dave Edwards

3 Richard Watson


1 Claudia Sullivan

2 Dylan Hickey

3 Halli West



Where are all the A graders? Luckily the rest weren’t here as they would have felt the wrath of a “pent up” Tom Gough, just ask Trent. There were 5 entrants in A Grade for the final race of the day and after a short while newcomer Aaron Hickey received a warm welcome from Trent who put the foot down and forced everyone to find another gear. Unfortunately as gallant as Aaron was he couldn’t maintain the speed. Rob Walker and Dan Luke hung tough until halfway through the race until Rob drifted off somewhat on the sharp bottom corner and let Tom and Trent open a gap. Unfortunately Dan was caught behind Rob as well. This was all Tom needed and he stamped on the pedals and took Trent along for the breakaway. The two riders rode impressively for the rest of the race, just ask C Grade who saw them go past 3 (or was it 4) times! With 43 minutes down the officials felt compassion for the remaining riders and produced the 2 Lap sign. The sight of the sign was like a trigger for Tom and he gapped Trent over the final two laps winning by sizeable margin. 


One of the missing A Graders was found earlier in the day in B grade. Well maybe he’s not an A grader? Results may tell. Matthew Sander rode well early in the race setting a tough tempo for the first 10 minutes. Midway through the race the 8 entrants were all still together but then a flurry attacks started beginning with Tori Watson. Most of the riders were seen pushing a break or 2 at some stage, except possibly David Capra who was “riding smart” in his first B Grade race and contributed to bringing the pack back to the breakaways several times. Into the last 15min those who had a good winter training base came out to play. After a number of unsuccessful breaks it was Ryan Kennedy’s burst of speed that could only be matched by Tom Galbraith and they opened a sizeable gap. This was Ryan’s first race of the year so he has not lost the touch. Halfway across was Matt Sander who dug deep and eventually caught the duo. These three fought out the places on the podium. Ryan and Tom went toe to toe in the final laps, neither rider giving much away as Matt slipped back. Rounding the final turn Tom stuck to Ryan’s wheel until the last possible moment but Ryan was too strong and took it on the line with a textbook bike throw.


Nine riders lined up in C Grade including two brave D Grade ladies. It would be great to see a few more D Graders so Laura Brazier and Alison Sullivan can race in their appropriate grade. Laura dug deep and hung on for the first 12 minutes or so but the pace proved a bit much. Alison was defiant and wouldn’t give up coming back to the pack on several occasions. In the end a trio jumped away with Dave Edwards (HR) riding strongly, Richard Watson fresh from his Bergen Rondeau win, and Sam Webb building on the back of his USA training camp. By the finale it was Sam who won the day showing continuing improvement to win the sprint, with Dave and Richard rounding out the podium. Clint Andrewartha won the sprint for 4th place in the chase group.


Where would we be without the Sullivan family? Three Sullivan girls made up more than half the field. All the 11 year old riders were sent off first for their 20 minute race. Claudia Sullivan, the only 14 year old in the race, was given 1:30 to chase them down and chase hard she did. Mid race Dylan Hickey, Halli West, and Jacinta Sullivan looked like they were working well enough together to hold off a fast approaching Claudia. But fatigue eventually told on the three riders upfront and Claudia caught them at 15 minutes and shortly thereafter the bell was rung for the final lap. Claudia won the event with Dylan and Halli not far behind. Great rides from everyone who participated.

Report by Jon Lindley.