Tex’s weekend wrapup – Results of the Bergen Rondeau

Hi folks, Tex here. It’s time for another Weekend wrapup.

Saturday morning saw a big turnout for the Bikeline shop ride (departs at 6:30am sharp from Bikeline store) in some awesome riding conditions. How good are these summer mornings, riding with 30 or 40 of your cycling mates! Much chit chat was heard in the bunch and how great was it to have a big group of ladies too. Awesome.

Pete Collins took out the KOM up PHH and Lou Dawg (Louis Pijpers) took out the Sprint on the Uni Loop. Great stuff lads.

The post ride coffee was well represented too and the conversation and laughs continued. If it’s been a while since you’ve joined us on the Saturday morning shop ride, we’d love to see you there.

Sunday morning was the day for a combined clubs road race named the Bergen Rondeau, hosted by Highfields Rollers Cycling Club with fantastic trophies sponsored by Jonny Sprockets bike shop. Once again the weather was amazing with barely a cloud in the sky. Perfect racing conditions, and not too hot either.

The HRCC women and men did an amazing job, many hours go into preparing for this race, layout of all the signage, organising drivers and volunteers. We are hugely thankful for all their efforts. I’ve seen the paperwork involved and it’s a lengthy process obtaining approval from both the council and the police, so it was a little disappointing that the rider numbers were so low. I think there was more volunteers than racers. Apparently there was a car race or something on TV that afternoon.

To follow are the race results –

A Grade – 1 Tom Gough 2 Daniel Luke 3 Rob Walker KOM/Sprint Tom Gough


Thoughts from the race by Tom Gough – Dan and I worked well together (with no mercy) holding a respectable pace, Dan won the sprints in flying fashion and I took the KOM in strength. Fairly relaxed first lap and a bit, besides the KOM and sprint points, with both of us just tapping out at threshold. We both got down to business second time up the KOM though with 10km to go, there was a bit of a duel ending with me establishing a gap. Dan clawed back several seconds down the other side of the hill but as the road kicked up again I was able to extend my lead. Legs and lungs were screaming, adrenaline pumping. We finished roughly 40 seconds apart with a courageous Rob Walker rounding out the top 3.

B Grade – 1 Adam Grams 2 Joel Dobson 3 Tom Galbraith KOM/Sprint J Dobson


C Grade – 1 Richard Watson 2 Ashley Luke 3 Warren Edwards KOM/Sprint R Watson 


D Grade – 1 Laura Brazier KOM/Sprint L Brazier 


Next combined club crit is on the 24th of October, so we would love to see as many of you there as possible. Remember the Twilight Crit series is not too far off and that will be a cracker of a series too.

That’s all from me.

Tex out. 🙂