Club Championships KOM

Trying conditions for the KOM challenge on Sunday, hot and windy. A good turn-out from the club with all the main contenders for the champ series putting in solid times. All times have been posted in order of rider total time.

Darren Rolfe 10:55 1st A Grade
Peter Collins 12:04
Jimmy Pauli 12:37
Damien Nielson 12:43 1st B Grade
Ben Southey 12:53
Andy Gordon 13:24
Jacob Mouatt 13:26
Raf Vainikka 13:29
Peter Mouatt13:29 1st C Grade
Doug Graham 13:47
Chris Head 13:59
Brad Turrell 14:03
Bob Free 14:39
Phil Prince 14:43
Doug Harris 15:00
Pat Woods 15:16
Lucas Wood 15:23 1st D Grade
Lachlan Head15:40
Alex HeadDNF