Junior Development & Racing

Junior racing is held most Saturdays at the Peter Watts Criterium Track Glenvale

Racing requires a Race Licence, road bicycle (in good working condition & appropriately sized for the rider) and also an Australian Approved Helmet

Times varies with the seasons, so check out Facebook events for Details


Restrictions For Juniors

There are a number of restrictions that juniors must be mindful of when racing at DDCC club events and other events.

The main restriction is related to gearing or gear rollout. Gear restrictions encourage younger riders to ‘spin’, which protects their joints as they develop and assists in creating improved neuromuscular pathways.

Gearing restriction is only one area, and it is expected that juniors competing at DDCC local racing comply with all requirements.

The junior-riding-up-policy (auscycling.org.au) requires that these restrictions apply even when riding in combined, graded racing, or training sessions. So even if you are racing in A, B, C, or D here at Peter Watts Criterium Track, all juniors need to be compliant with the following requirements listed on the AusCycling website.

Equipment Restrictions as per – auscycling-technical-regulations-road.pdf

Gear rollout applies to all age groups from u9 to J19 in competitions and any training sessions. Refer to pg 2 for guide to gear combinations as a guide.


Other restrictions for junior categories U9, U11, U13, U15 & U17 relate to wheels and handlebars:

Wheel Restrictions

Depth restrictions 32mm, Mininum 16 spokes
Only high-pressure detachable tyres and tubes shall be used. A detachable type tube means the tube is detachable from the tyre casing.
Such high-pressure tyres shall be beaded


Handlebars shall be of a standard or “Classic” style (drop handlebar).
However, bolt-on handlebar extensions shall be allowed for U15 & U17 in the Individual Time Trial and Team time trial only. Gear and brake mechanisms must not be placed on the extensions

If any junior needs assistance in meeting these requirements, please contact the club and we can provide advice on the best and easiest way to meet these requirements.

Junior Development

Our Junior Development Program is for 9 to 14-year-olds and aims to promote junior cycling by developing skills on the bike, creating friendships with those who love riding, and an opportunity to race for those who wish to.

Junior skills and group rides also happen at the Criterium Track most Saturdays before racing.

Skill sessions develop balance, handling, and maneuvering. A Group ride around the Peter Watts Criterium Track then follows to foster group riding and etiqite skills.

For insurance purposes, riders are required to at least hold a ‘Ride’ licence. All licence requirements can be found at: https://cycling.org.au/membership/join-now

An Australian Standards-approved helmet must be worn at all times

New riders are very welcome and the club has some loan bikes available in various sizes for children to try before committing to the expense of outright purchase of a bike.

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