Team Time Trial

The idea behind the event was to have a Licensed, Social, Female & Junior rider in the teams composition and finish with your whole team. I will let you decide who the female members were in some of the teams! The Mo Go’s rode a little further after missing the turn-around point but did well to keep calm and still put in a very good time. The first team may have also left a team member behind with a flat in order to go for gold. At least you know who your friends are John.

Results:A really long name because they couldn’t think of one at the time – Andy, Doug John & Bob 31:12

Team Look – Doug, Pat, Shane & Dustin – 31:29

Bull Rider – Jimmy, Justin & Sue – 32:07

In With A Chance – Pete, Phil, Wendy & Lucas – 34:39

Mo Go’s – Peter, Jacob, Lou & John – 36:38

No Idea – Phil, Jordan & Kent – 37:22