Mt Kynock & Goombungee Race Weekend

Once again a reasonable turnout for the test of truth from Harlaxton to Highfields. Aero helmets, disc wheels and skinsuits made an appearance which indicates how serious some riders are treating this race. With weather conditions near perfect, most riders made an improvement on their times from the last race in November 2009.

The times of some riders clearly indicated the need to bump them up a grade for Sundays Road Race!!

A Grade
1. Pete Collins 11:53
2. Damien Nielsen 12:10
3. Jimmy Pauli 12:43
4. Peter Bennett 12:57

B Grade
1. Jacob Mouatt 12:05
2. Alex Head 12:08
3. Joe Millican (Lifecycle) 12:15
4. Ben Southey (TCC) 12:25
5. Ashley Seawright (TCC) 13:11
6. Lex Greenhaugh (Sun Coast CC) 13:42
7. Andy Gordon 13:44

C Grade
1. Dustin Van der Nek 13:08
2. Lou Gordon (TCC) 13:23
3. Peter Mouatt 13:25
4. Chris Head 14:05
5. Wayne Patching (TCC) 14:27
6. John Osbourne (TCC) 15:08
7. Lachlan Head – U/15 16:24


The weather gods were smiling on Bikeline again with perfect weather conditions for Sundays Road Race. Across the three grades, 32 riders fronted up to to tackle the ever-popular course. After Saturdays times the Platinum Health boys were bumped to A Grade which in turm made it one of the largest and most evenly contested A grade fields we have had with 11 riders. C Grade also had a large field with 13 riders contesting. Next race some of them will find themselves in B grade no doubt.

A Grade

1. Pete Collins
2. Dan Macpherson (TCC)
3. Gary Kristensen (HPRW)

B Grade

1. Simon Genrich (TCC)
2. Ashley Seawright (TCC)
3. Doug Graham

C Grade

1. Dustin Van der Nek
2. Lou Gordon (TCC)
3. Rob Free