ITT Results

With temperatures at -2 degrees on the turn-a-round, it was a great turn-out from the cycling community for the first race of the new series. Gary pulled out a blinder which proves training does help. Let’s see how the riders can backup for tomorrows race.

Gary Kristenson 30.49
Jacob Mouatt 32.20
Jimmy Pauli 32.43
Justin Eastwell 32.54
Seb Scott 33.02
Simon Genrich 33.44

Ashley Seawright 33.20
Lou Gorden 33.57
Dustin Van Nek 35.03
Peter Mouatt 35.20
Rob Free 35.34

Matt Hooper 34.05
Kent Wright 35.22
Ian Corey 35.52
Duane Parkinson 36.28
Phil Leydon 40.28