Synergy Park Results

A few Bikeline Racing members headed to Synergy again for some more Crit Racing over the weekend with great results from all.

Raf and Gabby were wearing the colours of their new sponsored team, Velocite-Aus Cycle Coaching, with Gab racing D grade and Raf racing A grade. Gabby ended up in a break away and managed to finish 2nd in the sprint and Raf sprinted from the bunch to take 5th place in his race.

Kiwi and Jacob were racing B grade. Kiwi had the legs for the day and was in the first break with a few riders. When the break was caught he launched another attack this time only bringing two riders with him. Towards the end they dropped the third rider and he managed to take second in the sprint for the line. After taking some time off the bike, Jacob realised he has some training to do.