Toowoomba Criterium Championships RD 2

Numbers were slightly down from the last race with 41 riders signing up on Saturday. Conditions were perfect for the whole afternoon.

Juniors was won by Caleb Genrich who managed to outlast Will Jauncey in the sprint for the line.

D Grade included two ladies in the field and they made sure that the men had to work for it. Tina MCotter was always near the front setting the pace and showed great speed through the bottom corner. In the end Lindsay Tierney took the win after keeping himself off the front for the last couple of laps.

C Grade saw Peter Pellicaan go solo from lap number two. After a couple of laps stretching the legs he decided to fall back to the bunch. It seemed all the riders were doing their bit to keep the pace going with constant changes to the front. Once again it came down to who went into the bottom corner best. This time it was Nathan Sander followed by Corey Wolski and Doug Harris.

B Grade had a big field with any number of potential winners. Old favourites like Ross Harrington and Phil Muller from TCC were there as well as Peter Mouatt and Jon Lindley. It was Team TLD who did the dictating with them frequently near the front. John Selman and Aaron Haycock attacked with a few laps to go only to see John tire and be rounded up by the bunch. Aaron rode well to go solo for nearly two laps and take the win easily. Dave ‘Cav’ Silk made it one two for Team TLD.

A Grade was always going to be hard with only 6 riders starting. It quickly turned into a smash up when Hayden Brooks and Gary K. lifted the pace. Peter Collins managed to go with and hold on for a while. It’s not often you see Pete’s face show pain. When Hayden said to Gary they should try and lap the other riders twice, even Gary knew it was time to just ride his own race to the finish. Thankfully Darren wasn’t there as well.

Don’t forget to be eligible for any prizes and trophies you must be a fully licensed member of Bikeline Racing, Toowoomba Cycling Club or Highfields Rollers CC.
A Grade
1 Hayden Brooks
2 Gary Kristensen
3 Peter Collins
4 Peter Bennett
5 Seb Scott

B Grade
1 Aaron Haycock
2 Dave Silk
3 Andy Gordon
4 Ashley Seawright
5 Jason Genrich

C Grade
1 Matthew Sander
2 Corey Wolski
3 Doug Harris
4 Dan Jauncey
5 Peter Pellicaan

D Grade
1 Lindsay Tierney
2 Matthew Locker
3 Harvey Silk
4 Tina McCotter
5 Eve Lawson

1 Caleb Genrich
2 Lachlan Boyce
3 William Markey
4 Ben Lingard
5 Taylor Silk