Race Calendar

Head to the Calendar page to see what local and open races are scheduled for the first half of 2012. For details of the open races head to the CQ site.

T.C.C, Highfields R.C.C. and Bikeline Racing have combined to organise a calendar of local races that should appeal to everyone with each club taking it in turns to conduct the events on a rotational basis. The first half of the year is heavily weighted towards criteriums to ensure everyone is in peak form for the open races at this time of the year and to maximise the use of the new criterium course.

With ten events, excluding the open events, scheduled to be conducted on the crit course it is costing the clubs $220 per event to hold the event at the course. The lease fee from council is currently set at $2200 per season or half year. Therefore we ask that you get behind the local clubs and attend these races to help contribute towards this fabulous facility.

It should be noted that these events are classified as Club Combine events and not Restricted Opens.