Battle of the Border

Peter Collins riding for Team TLD proved again he his a rider for the stage races. After finishing second last year in GC he managed to finish fourth overall this year with three out of four podiums. The time trial proved to be the decisive stage for him with a slow start.

Stage 1 ITT – 30th
Stage 2 – 1st
Stage 3 – 3rd
Stage 4 – 2nd
GC – 4th

Seb Scott also racing for Team TLD just missed out on finishing in the top ten overall with 13th place. Again it was the ITT that made all the difference.

Stage 1 ITT – 33rd
Stage 2 – 8th
Stage 3 – 5th
Stage 4 – 10th
GC – 13th

Bikeline Racing’s newest powerhouse Trent West is proving too strong in C grade as well. For a guy who has only been riding for less than a year he is definitely showing he has what it takes. He will definitely be on Team TLD’s radar for next year if not sooner.

Stage 1 ITT – 6th
Stage 2 – 1st
Stage 3 – 1st
Stage 4 – 1st
GC – 1st

Dean Russell also competed in Master A but wasn’t able to see the weekend out. If you could let us know Dean how you went that would be great.