BBP Open Criterium

Riders were greeted with cool blustery conditions at the Glenvale track on Sunday. A solid turnout of local riders and visitors made for entertaining racing on the day with all competitors admitting the wind was tough to ride in.

Congratulations to all riders for taking part in the inaugural Open Criterium presented by Bikeline Racing.

Men’s Masters D
1st John Atkins – Lifecycle Cycling Team
2nd Phil Leyden – Bikeline Racing

Women’s C/D
1st Andrea Gormley – Bikeline Racing
2nd Mia Wilkes – Bikeline Racing

Prime winners: Andrea Gormley

Men’s Masters C
1st Jacobus Van Hoof – Toowoomba C.C.
2nd Mark Brooks – Balmoral Cycling Club
3rd Andrew Stahlhut – Balmoral Cycling Club

Prime winner: Jacobus Van Hoof

Men’s Masters B
1st Brenden Smyth – Hamilton Pine Rivers

Men’s Elite C
1st James Orchard – Highfields Rollers C.C.
2nd Peter Pellicaan – Toowoomba C.C.
3rd Dwayne Smith – BCRI

Prime Winner: Brendan Smyth

Men’s Masters A
1st Tim Dalgliesh – Hamilton Pine Rivers

Men’s Elite B
1st Trent West – Bikeline Racing
2nd Dean Russell – Bikeline Racing
3rd Luke Pingel – Gold Coast CATS

Men’s Elite A
1st Matt Ryan – Hamilton Pine Rivers
2nd Peter Thompson – Ipswich Cycle Club
3rd Andrew Stephan – Uni Cycle Club

Prime Winners: 1st Peter Thompson;
2nd Tim Dalgliesh; 3rd Peter Thompson