Club Criterium (BR) 8/12/12

The last criterium for 2012 saw a large field in B Grade but numbers in other grades were a little disappointing. It’s was good to see the junior stalwarts duking it out with a visitor, Rachel Copperthwaite. In D Grade, Mike Hawley returned to racing with a win, and we will see you in C Grade next race Mike. C Grade was a good battle as another rider who has been off the scene for a while, Justin Eastwell, showed how it was done with a well deserved podium finish on his new racing rocket. Another ‘old’ stager Peter York returned to racing in B Grade with a bang, commanding the lead early on in the race. The rest of the B Grade bunch wondered how to reel him in and Matt Locker gave Pete something to think about. Lastly, in A Grade Peter Collins again dominated but he didn’t have time for the ‘Superman’ pose as he crossed the line this week.

There are some great race photos in the Gallery taken by Mia Wilkes. Please take a look when you get a chance.

Thanks again to Glenn Trussell, Paul Adcock and our fearless leader, Jon Lindley, for officiating. Without club commissaires there is no racing so please take time to thank those that have contributed this year when you see them around. Have a safe and happy Christmas with family and friends, and look forward to a new year of racing in January.

Juniors – 1st Nicholas Markey; 2nd Sam Haycock; 3rd Rachel Copperthwaite

D Grade – 1st Mike Hawley; 2nd Phil Leyden; 3rd James Copperthwaite

C Grade – 1st Brenton Thompson; 2nd Justin Eastwell; 3rd Peter Mouatt

B Grade – 1st Peter York; 2nd Matt Locker; 3rd Malcolm Krahenbring

A Grade – 1st Peter Collins; 2nd Aaron Haycock; 3rd Jordan D’Arcy

Tom Galbraith,
Assistant Secretary