Combined Clubs Criterium Champs Rd 3

This week there were 74 riders in attendance with quite a few making the trip from Kingaroy. The wind (40km/hr gusts) was back with a vengeance again ensuring there were no break aways but at the same time potentially slowing the races down with everyone too afraid to be near the front.

We won’t publish the results for the next two rounds to build the suspense for the last race. Let’s make it as interesting as possible.

1st Jared Graves – TCC
2nd Darren Rolfe – TCC
3rd Trent West – BR
4th Aaron Haycock – TCC
5th Seb Scott – BR

1st Adam Grams – TCC
2nd Matt Sander – BR
3rd Pedr Harvey – Narrabri CC
4th Peter York – 3 day
5th Peter Watts – TCC

1st Dan Large – 3 day
2nd Damien Bunter – 3 day
3rd Rod Lingard – TCC
4th Duane Parkinson – BR
5th Ben Mackie – BR

1st Andrea Gormley – BR
2nd Dave Flohr – BR
3rd Rachael Cullen – 3 day
4th Mike Williams – 3 day
5th Jason Page – BR

1st Rachael Cullen
2nd Annika Graves
3rd Stacey Bowden
4th Angeline Hall

1st Taj Jones – 3 day
2nd Thomas Markey – TCC
3rd Nicholas Markey – TCC
4th Benn Reid – 3 day