Crit 3 Summary

Awesome racing across all grades. Two of the races came down to video replys due to the close sprint finishes… and it wasn’t until we viewed on a big screen did we realise the “true” results. A great way to finish off the 3 race crit series in the club championships, and now look towards the road and KOM events.

The current points allocation across the grades remain very close. Consistency seems to be the big advantage for the leaders at the moment. We look forward to the longer events to see if some of the quieter contenders come forward and take some valuable champ points.

With the club crit season over, and the crit champions decided, the focus will now shift to road racing and the KOM challenge.

1 Gary Kristenson
2 Peter Bennett
3 Matt Hickey

1 Jacob Mouatt (Junior)
2 Ben Southey (Junior)
3 Alex Head (Junior)

1 Simon Burke
2 Bob Free
3 Damian Doran

1 Lachlan Head (Junior)
2 Gabby Vainikka (Junior)