Goombungee Road Race Results

Sunday turned out to be another glorious day, and some close racing and bunch sprints was the order of the day. A Grade completed 4 laps of the testing circuit, with B Grade completing 3 lap, C Grade 2 laps, and the Juniors took on 2 laps as well.

A Grade
1 Seb Scott
2 Alex Head
3 Brendan Deurloo

B Grade
1 Raf Vainikka
2 Andy Gordon
3 Tony Nolan

C Grade
1 Peter Highan
2 Andy Skerman
3 Matt Haswell

1 Anthony Lingard
2 Harvey Silk
3 Gabby Vainikka
4 Lauchlin Boyce
5 Kaleb Genrich
6 Eve Lawson
7 Ben Lingard