Kingsthorpe Oakey ITT Results

Thank you to Viv for commissaire duties and Dustin’s dad for helping out with timing and holding riders steady for the start of the race. Riders seemed to “enjoy” the new course and dispite the wind picking up a little, some very consistant times were set. The juniors ran as a team in preperation for the Junior Team Time Trial, so fingers crossed it has given them some experience and all the best for the up coming Team’s race. It was also fantastic to see some of the girls/ladies out for the race and mixing it up with the boys.

1 Ashley Seawright 24:22
2 Peter Collins 24:58
3 Seb Scott 25:39
4 Dave Archer 25:59
5 Graeme Fulton 26:16
5 Raf Vainikka 26:16
7 Justin ‘Cancellara’ Eastwell 26:36
8 Rod Lingard 26:46
9 Damien Nelsen 27:10
10 Dustin Van Nek 27:12
11 Kent Wright 27:32
12 Andy Gordon27:45
13 Andrew Skerman 27:48
14 Tori Watson 28:16
15 Matt Hooper 29:07
16 Bob Free 30:20
17 Phil Leyden 30:56
18 Sue Lostroh 31:44

Harvey Silk – 33:44
Anthony Lingard
Eve Lawson
Gabby Vainikka

Ben Lingard – 35:22
Lachlan Boyce
Kaleb Genrich