Toowomba Crit Champs

This Saturday (29/1/11) kicks off the first of the a four race Criterium Series to determine Toowoomba’s Criterium Champions. All grades will be catered for with grading predetermined for many of you (so no dogging it in a lower grade.) This grading will carry for all four races.

Registration starts at 2.45pm with Juniors rolling out by 3.15pm and D grade following shortly thereafter.

Riders need to ensure that they bring their 2011 CA Licenses with them. If you are a 2010 license holder renew with CA now!!! There will be limited Day and Three Day licenses available for non-licensed riders.

Also this Sunday is the second of our TRACK DAYS. Registration from 2pm to 2.30pm, no exceptions. Please be on time so we can work out gradings and handicaps and have racing started by 2.45pm.