Toowoomba Criterium Championships RD 1

Big numbers for the first of the series with some spirited racing across all the grades.

A Grade saw Darren Rolfe and Hayden Brooks from Fly V playing with the field by attacking and then coming back to the peloton. There plans to get reigning champ Campbell Kerr across the line was soon evident. Peter Bennett surprised them by jumping early and taking the win by a tyre.

B Grade was marred by a crash on the bottom corner. This took out a few of the players. Sam Beck was back and in form to outsprint Dave ‘Cav’ Silk. This grade could be the one to watch as it could be won by any number of riders.

C Grade saw a couple of riders from last weeks D grade make the jump including Dan Jauncey. It seems he was even too strong for C Grade by taking another win. Cagey Mark Vainikka might be worth a look for overall as he seems to be racing well and taking 3rd.

D Grade has a good mix of juniors and seniors. This week it was the juniors, Gabby Vainikka and Harvey Silk, who took the win. After some deliberation the commissiares decided to call it a draw as it was too close to call. Even veteran John Osborne scraped in for some points by taking 5th.

Juniors is being decided by the older boys with Caleb Genrich taking first again after his win at the last weeks warm up race.

A Grade
1 Peter Bennet
2 Darren Rolfe
3 Hayden Brooks
4 Campbell Kerr
5 Gary Kristensen

B Grade
1 Sam Beck
2 Dave Silk
3 Andy Gordon
4 Paul Herbert
5 Anthony Beauchamp

C Grade
1 Dan Jauncey
2 Tim Gilmar
3 Mark Vainikka
4 Robert Simms
5 Peter Pellicaan

D Grade
1 Harvey Silk
1 Gabby Vainikka
3 Tina McCotter
4 Sam Webb
5 John Osborne

1 Caleb Genrich
2 William Markey
3 Lachlan Boyce
4 Ben Lingard
5 Will Jauncey