Sizzling Summer Series Rd 3

The third and final round of the Sizzling Summer Series was held over the weekend and again saw quite a few Bikeline Racing members in attendance.

After missing the break in the second round the Elite B boys made sure that didn’t happen again. With Peter Bennett still in yellow they had to make sure that he was in the points this week to ensure he finished as the overall leader.

All was going to plan with the boys lifting the pace into the final lap. Peter Bennett was tucked in behind Peter Collins until another rider decided that he wanted to sit behind Peter Collins and in turn took out Peter Bennett (all these Peter’s are confusing!). This led Peter B. to slide across the road and also bring down Raf Vainikka while narrowly avoiding Jacob Mouatt. Peter Collins heard what happened and realised he would have to go alone. And so he did. Peter Collins first.

With Bennett not finishing and not receiving points for the third round, this dropped him from first overall to third overall. Peter Collins win combined with his 4th from round one was enough for him to score second overall. So Bikeline Racing 2nd and 3rd overall!!! Over the series there was great teamwork on show and to think this is only the start of the year. Good work boys.

It wasn’t only the Elite B boys riding well but in Masters C Kent Wright finished 7th in this race and in Masters D, Phil Leyden scored 6th, enough for him to pick up some points.

Thank you Pat Woods for keeping us updated with photos, they will be featured on the website soon.