Toowoomba Criterium Championships RD 3

Windy conditions greeted the riders today so it was unlikely that any solo break would succeed. Some notable names were missing from the line up today and this could only be contributed to Crestmead tomorrow or softness.

The Juniors series seems to be all wrapped up with Caleb Genrich again dominating the race to take his fourth successive win for the year. Tom Haswell who after almost not starting due to busting a cleat just before the race, borrowed some shoes and pedals and managed to take second.

After hiding at the back for most of the race, Lindsay Tierney secured the win for D Grade. New rider Ben Mackie showed he has the legs by taking second after doing quite a bit of work on the front and Lachlan Head came out of retirement for third.

C Grade had some fast laps in the middle of the race but when it came down to two laps to go the pace seemed quite pedestrian with everyone waiting for someone else to come to the front. The bell lap spurred things along and Matthew Sander took first for the second race in a row. Peter Pellicaan learned from his lessons last race and managed to place third, missing out on second to another new rider, Malcolm Krahenbring.

TCC had the numbers in the B Grade race with only two Bikeline Racing and one HRCC rider in the field. Noticably absent was Dave ‘Cav’ Silk from Team TLD. Simon Genrich attempted a solo break early in the race but the wind proved too much and he was reeled back in. At that moment Andy Gordon attacked but it was shortlived. Ross Harrington retired midway with a puncture. Rod Lingard also attempted a break late in the race but with Andy Gordon stuck to his wheel he was going nowhere.

Coming onto the finishing straight the bunch looked like they were jostling for position to stay out of the wind and as they came past the finishline for the bell lap there was a touch of wheels and five riders hit the deck. Ashley Seawright received the most damage and was taken to hospital for checking over. We all wish him a speedy recovery.

A Grade was missing a few riders this week but it also saw Liam McCarthy from Lifecycle CC make an appearance. As usual the pace was on from the start and Darren, Hayden and Pete Collins made a break. Liam and Jacob had trouble hanging onto the rest of the field and found themselves out the back and both retired early. Hayden and Darren started working Pete over by taking turns to attack and in the end it proved too much. The boys rode away to decide who was going to take first. In the end they probably had time to do rock, paper,scissors to work it out.

A big thank you to Brad Caporn, Glenn Trussell, Greg Vincent, Michelle Lingard, Ross Harrington and Stewart Hansen for helping on the day.

A Grade
1 Hayden Brooks
2 Darren Rolfe
3 Peter Collins
4 Peter Bennett
5 David Kenney

B Grade
1 Andy Gordon
2 Aaron Haycock
3 Peter Mouatt
4 Simon Genrich
5 Corey Wolski

C Grade
1 Matthew Sander
2 Malcolm Krahenbring
3 Peter Pellicaan
4 Dan Jauncey
5 Daniel Devlin

D Grade
1 Lindsay Tierney
2 Ben Mackie
3 Lachlan Head
4 Phil Leyden
5 Eve Lawson

1 Caleb Genrich
2 Thomas Haswell
3 William Markey
4 Will Jauncey
5 Eloise Head