Toowoomba Criterium Championships RD 4

With the series still up for grabs across most of the grades, it was going to be an ineteresting afternoon of racing.

Caleb Genrich had an unbeatable lead in the Juniors division but still made sure it was a series clean sweep by taking his fourth straight win.

D Grade was going to be close with both Lindsay Tierney and Harvey Silk battling it out to see who would get enough points to take the series. Lindsay stuck to the plan that has worked for him over the previous races by not being too close to the front. New rider Ben Mackie tried to drive the pace throughout the race but in the end it was Matthew Locker who attacked on the bell lap that took the win.

The C Grade series also came down to this race. Matthew Sander and Dan Jauncy had the chance to secure the series with a win in this race. Matthew was able to take his third straight win and the series with Dan finishing second.

B Grade was going to be the race to watch this afternoon with Dave Silk, Aaron Haycock and Andy Gordon battling it out for the series win. It was always going to be a tentative race after the crash in the third round. A break formed early with Aaron Haycock from TLD in it which left Andy Gordon in the chase group with Dave Silk and the remaining 4 TLD riders. It seemed like this was a planned move from the start as it was left up to Andy to head the chase group and with no help forthcoming from the TLD riders it might have meant Andy could lose the series.

With some good work from Andy and Peter Mouatt they were able to bridge the gap and drop the TLD riders. More work from Peter Mouatt in the closing laps enabled Andy to take the win and the series.

With Darren and Hayden having to fly to the U.S. for the Redlands Classic instead of the final race of the Toowoomba series, all the A Grade riders breathed a sigh of relief. There were plenty of solo attacks throughout the race. Early in the race a group of four made a decisive break that looked like it could have succeeded but with a good drive from Jacob Mouatt it was short lived. In the end it came down to another bunch sprint and with the current Qld Sprint Champ there, Peter Bennett, it was a foregone conclusion.

1 Peter Bennett
2 Peter Collins
3 Dave Kenney
4 Chris Maycock
5 Sam Moore

1 Andy Gordon
2 Aaron Haycock
3 Peter Mouatt
4 Jason Genrich
5 Simon Genrich

1 Matthew Sander
2 Dan Jauncey
3 Peter Pellicaan
4 Michael Backus
5 Tori Watson

1 Matthew Locker
2 Ben Mackie
3 Harvey Silk
4 Janet Krommenhoek
5 Lindsay Tierney

1 Caleb Genrich
2 Lachlan Boyce
3 William Markey
4 Ben Lingard
5 Taylor Silk