Cunningham Classic

Elite B Report by Seb Scott

Race started relatively calm, we just stayed towards the back waiting until the climbs, progressed towards the front of the pack once the climbs got close . At the bottom of the KOM climb Peter Collins broke off the front like a mad man and managed to get to the top in front of the group and would have won the KOM if it wasn’t for the 2 guys who were 3 minutes up the road which he had not known about ( oops ) . We proceeded to the feed zone which is also a bit of a killer climb and a good opportunity to shell some of the weaker riders that had only just managed to make it so far . I moved towards the front and helped push the pace up the climb then down the other side and it was a fast run towards the highway hitting speeds of 50 to 60 Km and still had guys trying to break off the front . We then turned onto the highway and to the long straight easier climbs . I drove it as hard as I could to catch a couple of breaks then we headed down the other side towards Allora where we finally caught the last man out the front ( he did an awesome job to stay out front by himself so long ) and then it was a fast run into the finish with little breaks trying their luck here and there but none allowed to much time off the front . The closer we got to Warwick the tougher the jostling for positions near the front became . We then turned left into the finish straight where Pete came around me and went for the sprint . James Rogers (man mountain) took the win by about half a wheel with Pete (5th) and the rest very tight. I rolled through in 11th and enjoyed a great feed at the Horse and Jockey Pub afterwards.

Dan MacPherson placed second in the Elite C race. Report to come.