Individual Time Trial 20km

Once again there were plenty of aero helmets and disc wheels present and these definitely showed in the times (besides the fact the riders are good time triallists as well). The riders had a tailwind for the first 10km to the turn around point but then were faced with a very strong easterly on the way home. This and the fact its uphill definitely brings the average speed down compared to the first 10km.

The times from today will be used to formulate handicaps for the upcoming Handicap Race in September. The course is yet to be confirmed so stay tuned.

Darren Rolfe 26.29
Peter Collins 29:45
Justin Eastwell 32.06

Phil Muller 29:50
Ashley Seawright 30:54
Graham Day 31:04
Kent Bauer 31:50
Rod Lingard 32:13
Simon Genrich 32:17
Jo Millican 32:35
Peter Mouatt 33:00
Lou Gordon 33:57
Kent Wright 34:00
Damien Doran 34:36
Peter Higham 36:27

Andrew Skerman 33:22
Tom Galbraith 34:10
Anthony Beauchamp 34:25
Tori Watson 34:45
Steve Hatherall 36:51
Lucas Woods 38:28

Duane Parkinson 35:56
Ryan Kennedy 36:13
Phil “Zabriskie” Leyden 36:32
Nic Byron 36:37
Adam Grams 37:02
Bill Mack 38:19