16/01/13 Twilight Crit Series Rd 1


First round of the inaugural Twilight Combined Club Criterium series was held on Wednesday night with a fantastic showing of riders from all three clubs. Racing was competitive and all riders commented that it was a lot of fun. There will be pics up in the gallery shortly.

Result of the races are as follows:
D Grade:
1st Lou Gordon(BLR)
2nd Gabby Vainikka(TCC)
3rd Daniel Cherry (HR)
C Grade:
1st Darren Hill (BLR)
2nd Rob Walker (BLR)
3rd Peter Mouatt (BLR)
B Grade:
1st Josh Watts (BLR)
2nd Ryan Kennedy (BLR)
3rd Scott Mazzanti (3 day)
A Grade:
1st Jared Graves (TCC)
2nd Trent West (BLR)
3rd Gary Kristensen (HPR)

Look forward to seeing you all and more out there next Wednesday!